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Proactive project management
  Oversee real-time project status, minimize risks, streamline processes and analyze reports

myDataIQ's Project Management is an advanced web-based system that simplifies project management, centralizes all your project data and integrates with your GPS system. It centralizes project information (assets, parts, etc.), monitors budget/AFE spending, oversees all your projects, monitors each activity’s status and schedule, and automatically generates Status and Schedule Report (SSR ). myDataIQ ensures that all aspects of the project are managed systematically managing on-time delivery for diverse activities by participants such as designers, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, lenders, or anyone else given proper authority.

  • Automatically generates Project Status and Schedule Report (PSSR )
  • Achieves fast and correct execution by effectively planning your projects
  • Integrates with your management methods and procedures
  • Integrates your schedules, cost, project reports and other databases

Create project templates and see project details
Users are able to create project templates for different project requirements to suit their business’ particular needs. Having all project information in one place will significantly streamline project planning workflow.

Assign users and assets to projects
Project managers are able to assign resources to their project, such as personnel and the asset(s) being worked on. All of this information will already be at one’s fingertips, coming from a single database. This allows for quickly and better management of planning and scheduling people, assets and finances.

Produce project work orders and monitor project status
Users can submit project work orders, schedules and budgets, and clearly communicate project requirements status. Advanced tracking features will help you stay on top of changes to project work scope and prevent delays.

Allocate project costs and monitor budget changes
The system allows you to select the best usage of limited resources by selecting top-priority projects and controlling their costs. Having current financial information on hand will markedly keep project costs and budgetary changes under control.

Generate reports, upload documents and add notes
Project users can add documents and notes to reports created in the system. Keeping all relevant report information in one place will simplify information sharing with internal/external partners and vendors.

Set up email notifications, alerts and reminders
Saving automatic email notifications will speed communication between users. Automated alerts to real-time project status and work order information helps managers to set more realistic deadlines.

myDataIQ is the best online project management software for plants, pipelines, tanks, crudes, wells, valves, vehicles, compressors, terminals and other asset maintenance. It is a Web-based proactive asset management system to oversee project planning, project scheduling, project tracking, project risk management, work order planning, task scheduling, report management, compliance and audit preparation. All asset maintenance, safety and integrity programs, inspection, compliance, audit, and other tasks for pipeline and plant operation can managed in this online management software. Plant support software, maintenance software, tracking management software, inspection management software, scheduling management software, asset tracking systems and manufacturing software are now in one system.

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"I love the fact that I can access years’ worth of information in seconds! Great job."

Pipeline Operators of Texas
Pipeline Operators of Texas
"It's a real benefit for all our associates to be able to access the same reports regardless of their location."
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