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myDataIQ is designed to streamline the laborious task of the work order management process from planning, scheduling, reporting and approving completed tasks, to satisfying all of the accounting needs of all project sizes – maintenance or major projects. Just one of many features of myDataIQ is that operators and contractors can now proactively manage and get updates on asset maintenance and work order statuses.

Task monitoring and tracking

Dashboard overview
Get up to date work order statuses from the dashboard. Avoid missing deadlines and better manage your time by viewing upcoming, awaiting or past due work order requests immediately upon login. Because myDataIQ is also used as a database for other programs and process such as the IMP and OQ, there now exist data sharing and streamlining of redundant work and repetitive or erroneous data collection.
Calendar View
MyDataIQ online calendar centralizes all task information and allows you to get a quick look at work order progress. View tasks on a yearly, monthly, or daily basis and instantly access detailed information by simply clicking the task from the calendar.
  Sync the agenda to your outlook and smart phone
Not at the office? View your scheduling workload by syncing the online calendar to your Outlook or Apple iCal and be reminded of approaching service requests.
  Automatic status update e-mail notifications
Each time the task or reports status is updated, you will receive an automatic e-mail notification

Plan work orders
Work orders can be easily created by initially choosing from drop down lists provided within the dashboard a work task, qualified personnel, a task priority, and a start date. The system will then automatically send out an email to notify them and everyone else assigned to the request.

Assign qualified personnel to work orders
The system will automatically filter the resource based on the specific qualification for the job. Managers can then select the ideal person from a drop-down list of eligible individuals currently qualified. The process of looking for a qualified resource is simplified by having a resource qualification database and planning database all on one system.

Schedule Work Orders
Once a service request has been assigned to an individual, an automatic e-mail will be sent out to notify them of their task. They can then schedule their work assignments based on priority and seniority and set system reminders to ensure tasks are completed in a timely manner. Service requests can be scheduled from the dashboard, calendar, or services request pages.

Group related requests
If a service request needs to be followed up on, create a new work order and categorize it under the original work request. Grouping all related work orders helps you easily track and retrieve them for future reference. 

Standardize work order templates
Standardize your work order template to maintain consistency and ensure the information that you require is never missing.

myDataIQ is the best online work order management software for many considerations such as; plants, manufacturing facilities, pipelines, tanks, oil and gas fields, wells, valves, vehicles, pump and compressors stations, terminals and many other assets. It’s an online work order database that streamlines the work order process while intelligently managing the data for whatever possible needs in the future.

It offers Web-based work order tracking software, work order and task management oversight, work order planning, task scheduling, task tracking, issue tracking, report creation, management, compliance and audit preparation.

Projects, assets, reports and personnel resources related to a task are all managed in one system. This Web-based task management system helps you manage one-time or recurring tasks, address work order safety, improve work productivity, maximize utilization of work resources and prepare work regulations. Integrity programs, inspection reports and audit compliance preparation become much more easily managed with this software.

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"I love the fact that I can access years’ worth of information in seconds! Great job."

Pipeline Operators of Texas
Pipeline Operators of Texas
"It's a real benefit for all our associates to be able to access the same reports regardless of their location."
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