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Automatic Report Centralization and Sharing

MyDataIQ simplifies project reporting and documentation through a centralized database and allow for sharing by using current web technology and secure user management. Now, authorized personnel can access reports and documents in just a few mouse clicks away!

Automatically centralize reports
Once report data has been created and submitted online, they will be automatically centralized on myDataIQ. Save time by quickly retrieving historical maintenance and inspection reports through MyDataIQ’s centralized report management system.  

Centralize related documents and notes
Save project related documents into the system and include notes without altering the original document to convey important information to others. Authorized users can access the documents and notes from any remote location at any time, saving you time while boosting your productivity through having all your data in real time.

Controlled sharing
With the system’s web-based technology and controlled access, only authorized parties can share and retrieve reports and documents quickly and at a moment’s notice, like an impromptu meeting or discussion.

Quickly search for reports
Conduct advanced searches for any report using a wide range of search criteria such as time frame, location, department, regulatory code and keywords. In just a few clicks, your reports will be immediately available to you.

Export reports
All reports are exportable to Word, PDF and Excel for professional looking formats that will clearly communicate the work information to your colleagues, management team, clients, and compliance agency. 

Create alert reports 
Users can create alert reports to notify their managers of anomalies or new issues that have arisen from a work order. Alert reports have their own report category which makes them easy to spot for future reference. 

Complete, submit, and approve reports online
Once your field personnel have completed their task, the system will prompt them with the required form that must be filled out. The form displays all mandatory fields with drop down menus for quicker entries. Once submitted, reports go directly to the managers/supervisors. If a report needs to be submitted to a group of people simply assign them all to a group category, chose that group category and the report will be sent to them simultaneously. Once received the supervisor or manager can approve, deny, or provide feedback. 

Set up automatic report email notifications
Automatic email notifications can be configured to notify managers of the latest updated reports. Managers can access real-time reports online, speeding the report review and approval process while at the same time improving communication.

Standardize report templates 
Create standardized report templates to help keep information consistent. Ensure the information that you require is not missing and that your company’s standards are maintained throughout.

myDataIQ is a superior online report management software for plants, pipelines, tanks, crudes, wells, valves, vehicles, compressors, terminals and other asset maintenance. It is a Web-based proactive asset management system to oversee project reports, enterprise reporting, electronic reporting, report planning, report tracking, report management, project scheduling, work order planning, task scheduling, compliance and audit preparation. All report templates, report fields, report standardization, report documents, report notes, report reviews, report searches and professional report creation can be managed in this online software. Plant support software, maintenance software, tracking management software, inspection management software, scheduling management software, asset tracking systems and manufacturing software are now all in one system.

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"I love the fact that I can access years’ worth of information in seconds! Great job."

Pipeline Operators of Texas
Pipeline Operators of Texas
"It's a real benefit for all our associates to be able to access the same reports regardless of their location."
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